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When it comes to outsourcing manufacturing processes to an offshore supplier, it is crucial that both the customer and supplier have a good understanding of each other's expectations and develop a common "language" that allows highly efficient communication, however it could be tough to reach such a "synchronized" parternership due to cultural and language barriers. This is even sometimes the case in locating inshore suppliers.

As a sourcing agency, Boyan Manufacturing Solutions can help you to reach your goal with its expertise and business insight.

From 2007 Boyan has been supplying industries with cost savings, reliable quality and service in the custom components field. Specializing in aluminum, steel and other materials, We focus on the needs and requirements of Western markets.

Industries served include: Agricultural equipement, Heavy machinery, Camera and video components, Medical devices and others.

The fabrication cost in China is only 1/10-1/5 of that in the US. Let't take the hourly rates of CNC machining for example:
CNC turning: $4.5-6.5/hour in China, $15-30 in the US
CNC milling: $7-11/hour in China, $50-100 in the US
When including the material cost and shipping freight, the cost saving can usually be 20-70%.

Currently our affliated suppliers cover the capabilities of machining, stamping, sheet metal fabrication, plastic injection moulding and parts, wire forming, forging, and casting.

If you are looking for low cost manufacturing with reliability, Boyan is the answer.
Milled part 1
Milled part 1:
Crane part 4
Crane part 4:
custom door hinge
custom door hinge:
Spring bracket
Spring bracket:
Steel bracket
Steel bracket:
Square nut
Square nut:
Crane part 3
Crane part 3:
Crane part 2
Crane part 2:
crane part 1
crane part 1:
Aluminum casing
Aluminum casing:
Hardened pin
Hardened pin:
Piston pin
Piston pin:

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